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Cilantro, Jalapeno, Garlic, Pepperoncini, Cumin, Cardamom, Olive Oil, Salt. No preservatives.

Keep refrigerated and consume within one month. After opening, add a little olive oil to cover it before putting back in the refrigerator. Can be frozen.

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I have never heard of a sauce with so many names or different ways of saying. Clearly due to different languages and cultures but Spaghetti Bolognese is Spaghetti Bolognese! It is written as Zhoug, or Zhug, or Zkoug. It is also called Sahouk, Sahawiq, Harif, or Bisbas. For the western World it is at least pronounced “Zoog”. Lets just go with that.

Also it is one of those sauces that can be put on just about anything if you are a spicy cilantro freak. You can put it on Hummus, yoghurt, meat dishes, falafels, as a spread. Man if you love it, you will eat it by the spoonful!

It originally comes from Yemen. It is well known in Israel and the Arabian Peninsula. It became quite trendy in LA and is now pretty well know in North America. Europeans haven’t really discovered this one yet and maybe never will.

It is made many different ways. Sometimes with Parsley and red wine vinegar, or lemon juice. Essential ingredients are peppers, garlic, and cilantro. But for me the special ingredient that makes it so special is crushed cardamom.

Ingredients: Cilantro, Jalapeno Peppers, Pepperoncini, Garlic, Cardamom, cumin, olive oil, salt. 

Serving Suggestions:

  • Falafels, Kebabs
  • Meats as condiment or marinade
  • Any bread
  • Rice, Couscous, Polenta
  • Hummus; Yoghurt
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Soup
  • Pasta
  • Eggs
  • Veggie Dip
  • Spread on sandwiches
  • Just about anything for crazy Zhoug lovers!



  1. Scott Deckert

    I just cant get enough of this stuff. Fantastic on baked potatoes and grilled chicken!

  2. Michael

    Just had it on my Burger, was great!!

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