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Homemade Hot Sauce – Hot

8.00 CHF

Assorted fermented chilis including jalapenos and garlic.

Homemade hot sauce that is fermented for 6 weeks. Each production has its own character depending on the assortment of the chilis. The assortment of peppers includes sweet, pepperoncini, habanero and jalapenos.

Spiciness is very personal. What is too hot for one person, can be medium for another. I classify my hot sauces as medium.

fresh salsa hot sauce

Freshsalsa hot sauce

freshsalsa hot sauce



Just sweet peppers and garlic


Pepperoncini, Jalapeno, Sweet Peppers, Garlic


Pepperoncini, Jalapeno, Spicy Chilis, Garlic


  1. Mike

    This Hot sauce is great, I use it for my Soba Noodles all the time! Love it 🙂

  2. Beatrice

    No sunday morning brunch without scotty’s Home Made Hot Sauce????????????

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